I (Sam Bucher) 44 yr. of age, was born and raised in Lebanon County, Pennsylvania.  I am a believer in Jesus Christ.  I am an ordained minister of the Gospel and have served in the Heidelberg Church of the Brethren Congregation in a non-salaried team minister position.   I am a Registered Nurse and have served in the Good Samaritan Health System, Lebanon Pa. and in the Department of Veteran’s Affairs, Lebanon VA Medical Center.  My interests are studying God’s Word, reading in general, and bicycling.

My wife (Rhoda Ebersole Bucher) 41 yr. of age, was born and raised in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.  She is a believer in Jesus Christ and had been a member of the White Oak Church of the Brethren Congregation.  She has been serving as my wonderful companion in ministry in the Heidelberg Congregation.  She is also a Registered Nurse, and has devoted the last 15 years in a very special role, that of serving as a dedicated mother to our four children.  Her interests include reading, sewing, “creative memories” photo albums.

Rosanna, 15 yrs of age, is our oldest child.  She is a believer in Jesus Christ.  Her interests include playing piano, violin, reading, memorizing God’s Word.

Isaiah, 12 yrs of age, is my “right-hand-man.”  He is a believer in Jesus Christ.  His interests include anything mechanical, computers, electronic gadgets, hunting and bicycling.

Christina, 10 yrs of age, is also a believer in Jesus Christ.  Her interests include photography, cooking / baking, and playing piano.

Hadassah, 6 yrs of age, is growing to know and love Jesus Christ.  She is the “sparkling personality” of the family.  Being the youngest, she makes up for it with energy, noise, etc.  Her interests are varied.  She does love animals, insects, exploring God’s Creation, toy baby dolls.

Our family home-schools.

About 3 years ago, Brother Ken Nell from the Pleasant Hill Church of the Brethren Congregation shared information with the Heidelberg Congregation of a mission opportunity in the state of Alaska.  He told us of a group of families, in Christian fellowship,  who were desiring Pastoral care and spiritual leadership.  Rhoda and I both sensed the “nudging” of God in our hearts, and have spent time in discussion and prayer seeking to know God’s will for us in this matter.

This Spring of 2013, I believed that it was time to “test the waters” and so asked the Pleasant Hill Mission Committee for further information, indicating that we were seeking to understand God’s Will in this matter.  Pleasant Hill Congregation made it possible for Duane Nell, myself and Rhoda my wife to visit Alaska in July 2013.  During this visit God directed that we were able to start a relationship with the families, select a rental property in which to live, and to find a Registered Nurse position in a community hospital.

The Pleasant Hill Congregation, Heidelberg Congregation, and many others have been supportive and helpful in so many ways.  We appreciate more than words can express the assurance of prayer support, the encouraging words, helpful advice, physical / material aid.

We intend, the Lord willing, to set out on a great adventure for God, on October 9th 2013.  We have planned to travel by road to the state of Alaska.  We will be driving a 26 ft. U-haul truck, pulling a vehicle trailer which will be carrying my S10 pickup.  We will also be driving our minivan.  My Uncle Joe Alspaugh, and Nelson Miller will accompany us as drivers.

Our Prayer of Commitment is as follows:

“We are counting on God to work in us both to will and to do for His good pleasure.  We purpose to abide in the True Vine (Christ Jesus) and that His Word would abide in us (Jn. 15).  We desire to walk in and be led by the Holy Spirit.  We make the commitment that as for us and our house, we will serve the LORD.  We seek to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ, to be salt and light, and to make Jesus Christ known to the unsaved.  We purpose to speak the truth in love, and work for the edification  / maturity of believers among whom we serve.  We purpose to grow in Christ-like character.  We are confident of this very thing, that He which has begun a good work in us will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ.”